Xanthorrhoea - Australian Grass Tree

The Xanthorrhoea is also called Black Boy, this is due to its black, charred trunk.

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Xanthorrhoea glauca Black Boy buy

Beautiful Australian grass tree with sturdy trunk

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This Xanthorrhoea glauca has a slightly bent trunk


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absolute lovers pieces ...

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... each one unique...

...great habitus


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Dasylirion - mexican grass tree

dasylirion acrotriche mexican grass tree buy



Beautiful Dasylirion acrotriche

dasylirion longissimum mexikanischer grasbaum kaufen

... this unique Dasylirion has 3 heads

The Mexican grass tree is a summer plant that prefers very sunny locations.

It also thrives behind glass and is thus well suited as a winter garden plant.

In winter, a strong lowering of the temperature is recommended.

The Dasylirion is also good for permanent use in dry offices.

Thus a Dasylirion is also a good room plant.

The Dasylirion is also excellent as a container plant.

It is therefore a rather subtropical plant which prefers very dry winters because otherwise it rots quickly.