Helicopters as planting helpers are sometimes necessary

The helicopter is the last solution even if no crane of any size reaches the planting site

Example here in Switzerland - An olive tree is to be planted on a vineyard

olea europaea  in a vineyard

Olive tree is to be planted in the vineyard - Switzerland

Helikopter planting

Olive tree on the hook

The flying Olive tree

Olive tree flies in

helicopters and plants

Helicopter stops to plant

Here comes an olive tree

Leveling the 1 ton olive tree is not easy

freedom for the olive tree

Immediately he sits in the planting hole when the wooden container is sawn free

he arrived OLIV TREE in a VINEYARD

All right - OK - tree sits, helicopter can fly again

welcome to the vineyard

Last hand on the vineyard in Switzerland

They need help to plant their tree we deliver - we always find a solution.

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