Office greenery & office plants delivered ready-planted


The best way to a perfect green office?


They send us photos of their premises to or office situations and we create their first offers with correspondingly free photomontages.


ficus bonsai stuttgart indoor greening

We should know this initial information for a suitable offer:

A: How high is your ceiling height - how tall have you planned your plant?

B: Do you only have sidelights - windows - or even natural skylight?

C: If there is no natural skylight, how many meters is the plant about the window away?

D: At what height does the window on the upper frame stop? (Because windows usually do not go up to the ceiling)

E: Do you need planters too?

F: If so, in what style are they set up - photos often useful - so we can choose the appropriate colors and shapes of planters

G: Should the plant first have a stem (high stem) and then a crown or bushy green from below?

H: Do you have a budget planned which may cost the plant or plant combination?

TIP: Simply copy all questions out here, paste them into your email - done. Now all you have to do is answer and send it to us! Inquiry-Mail office greening


We deliver the plants completely planted in the Thermolaster.

According to the motto:

Take it - put it - watering - done!



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Here we show you different office greenery.

All photos and projects have been done exclusively by us Botanic International.

Only with new products that are newly traded on the market and there are no references, we form this product - mostly planters - in the product photos of the manufacturer. In the case of our first own projects, however, these are immediately updated and replaced!


Araucaria buy for office

Space greening Tyrol - Austria

office plants tirol innsbruck austria buy

Reception and office greening

indoor greening tirol muenchen stuttgart buy

Philodendron in concrete gray

We deliver plants and planters ready planted to 280 cm in these countries:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England, France, Northern Italy, Spain


office plants muenchen frankfurt stuttgart online buy

Buy office plants online

officeplants buy

Philodendron in white in the meeting room

Rostrata indoor plants

Yucca rostrata in the cube

Usually you can also complement bare and empty waiting rooms and conference rooms very well with plants and beautify.

Waiting and meeting with plants is much more relaxed, healthier and more beautiful ...

Office plant Ficus pandurata buy

Ficus pandurata on a natural trunk in a conference room - Munich - Stuttgart - Leipzig - Berlin - Frankfurt - Hamburg - Dortmund

Please send us your plans and sketches and we will advise you on your project.

Just ask us under Contact, what we can offer them or go straight to the plant shop!

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