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tropical timber

Decorative woods for garden, terraces and pond - these tropical root woods are weatherproof

Tropenholz freistehend

... this slender tropical wood stele is freestanding

Tropenholz niedrig

Bizarre forms are typical for tropical root wood

Tropenhölzer gemischt

...a beautiful couple

Hohes tropenwurzelholz

Tropical wood trunks

Tropenholz im Garten

Decorative woods for garden

Tropenwurzel naturstamm


Tropical wood natural root for in the garden and indoors

Tropenwurzel Stern Nr.6132 kaufen

... great this tropical wood root wheel


almost unbreakable, for the garden or pond area ...


... or in the house INDOOR a beautiful decoration object

Tropenholz naturwurzel Nr.4027 kaufen

...diese Wuzel hat weiche Formen

Tropical timber roots

This wood hardly weathers and they enjoy many years.

Especially outdoors for garden, garden pond and in connection with water and rain very enduring, hardly decaying wood from Indonesia and other tropics.

The weight:

Tropical wood is a very dense wood and therefore very heavy.


Weather resistant but not to be underestimated weight. Depending on size and shape.


Please note:
These tropical woods are sometimes very wide and do not fit through every door.




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