Lemon tree / Citrus lemon

Citrus lemon with fruits

Gorgeous lemon tree with golden fruits


The Lemon tree

The lemon tree is a summer plant that not only prefers a sunny location, but also thrives in the shade and shadow outdoors.


The lemon trees are also excellent as potted plants, but must be wintered in a room with not lower than +5 degrees temperature.


In winter, a slight lowering of the temperature is recommended if the citrus in the summer to bloom again. It can happen that he loses his leaves in winter.


Do not panic, they will grow again.


If necessary, pruning is recommended in early spring. Do not forget to fertilize, he should forcefully drive out after the winter and needs support for this.


It is therefore a Mediterranean plant growing in the Mediterranean.

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Different sorts

The Citrus lemon, lemon plants, are also available in different varieties with different fruits. We have selected the most flowering varieties for visual enjoyment.

Calamondin buy 180cm


citrus calamondin with fruits

Calamondin with flowers and fruits

citrus calamondin zierorange kaufen guenstig

beautiful calamondin tree

Citrofortunella - calamondin is the same strain

Mandarin tree buy

... wonderfully fragrant, white mandarin blossoms

citrus reticulata buy

...beautiful mandarin tree with old, stocky trunk

Mandarin blossoms with fruits buy

...enjoy fruit and blossom on a plant.

The leaves of the mandarin tree - Citrus reticulata are narrow

Mandarin tree with a thick stem

Mandarin tree with a thick stem

Mandarin tree in Florentine

...this mandarin tree has a height of about 180 cm in a beautiful terracotta vessel

Mandarinenbaum citrus reticulata kaufen

...one more beautiful than the other

Kumquat in planter buy

...Kumquat in a beautiful Florentine

Kumquat fruits

...the fruits of kumquat have an elongated shape.

If he bears fruit, it seems he has many little mini pears.

Its leaves are narrow.

citrus fortunella margarita

Citrus fortunella margarita in a simple terracotta

Orangenbaeume kaufen

...These citrus sinensis are planted in handy containers

Orangenbaum mit Frucht kaufen

Fruit and blossom on a tree


Citrus sinensis indoor

...planted directly in the ground and covered with beautiful gravel

Orangenbaum im Wintergarten

... great fruits ...

Indoor or Outdoor

Whether in the interior or outside, the orange tree is without question an always beautiful, timeless, Mediterranean plant.


Whether the Citrus sinensis planted directly in the ground or placed in a beautifully attractive pot, he is always very nice to look at.


His flower scent is beguiling.


You can eat its fruits, harvest fresh from your own tree

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