Adansonia digitata- Baobab


 Adansonia digitata with roots

 Small baobab with tap roots

 Baobab in a planter

Beautiful baobab planted in terracotta planter

Aldenia fruticosa buy

Broad Adenia fruticosa planted in container


Baobab Tree - Adansonia digitata

The Baobab - Adansonia digitata, is named after its discoverer Michel Adanson. Digitata knows the shape of the leaves.


The baobab grows originally in Africa, in the savannah and is therefore not very water-thirsty.


Waterlogging is definitely to be avoided.


The baobab prefers a bright location.


These Adansonia come from Senegal, and are acclimated in Europe under glass.

Old adansonia digitata baobab buy


Beautiful baobab tree with foliage


This Adansonia digitata has a nice thick trunk with leafy crown.


Typically the growth is its branches, they rise upwards.


The shape of the leaves are finger-shaped juxtaposed single leaves.


This magnificent specimen is planted in a planter for delivery.

Adansonia digitata Baobab with leavs buy


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