The Olive tree

The Olea europaea is one of the olive trees and was called in ancient times olive tree

Olive tree Olea europaea buy

Olive tree with fruits

The olive tree is a very robust plant. It is available in different sizes, ages and shapes. Here are some examples.

Olive tree Mallorca spain buy


... here a copy with its great double balls


This Olea europaea has a beautiful, old, gnarled trunk that divides

Old Olive tree buy

Olive tree with umbrella shape

olive tree mallorca

exclusive Olea europaea with spherical shade


This specimen has an old gnarled trunk


Olive tree olea europaea in conservatory

... planted directly in the ground

Olive tree in small pot

Olive tree in a very small pot


... you have to be extra careful when watering, so not too much, but not too little

Olive tree for orangerie buy in bavaria

... this magnificent lad was planted directly in the planned hole in an orangery

 and now a slightly different olive tree planting

helicopter planting international

... an olive tree learns to fly

helicopter planting olive tree

... only on a belt at a dizzy height

helikopter service in vineyard oliv tree

... landed in a vineyard and - all roger -



Olea europaea 300cm

... old gnarled trunk

Olea 300 Years old

... and which may it be?


Beautiful old olive trees that have been around for many years

Olive tree outdoor in Germany Karlsruhe

This splendid specimen stands in Germany near Karlsruhe


olea europae in a delicatessen shop

Olive tree meets foodie



Olivenbaum Augsburg

Olive tree in a restaurant

Olive tree in a Coffee-house the bistro

Olive tree in a vineyard

... at the wine tasting


 Here is the shop

Olive tree in a car dealer

... this olive tree likes it fast

He is in a dealership


Olea europaea horizontalis

Olea europaea horizontalis Karlsruhe Wintergartenpflanze kaufen

... this Olea europaea horizontalis impresses with its extraordinary shape

He is planted directly in the planting bed

olive tree bonsai olea horizontalis buy

Mega trees this Olea horizontalis in bonsai shape


Olive tree horizontalis kaufen

... this olive tree is cut in bonsai shape

olive tree with plate shape

... burly with a beautiful plate head

Olea europaea buy

... bizarre shape cuts like here


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