SEB Bank Lithuania - wonderfully green indoor

Generous plantings that ensure a feeling of well-being and noise reduction.


Innenraumbegruenung bankhaus interior landscaping

Banking house in Lithuania


Bankhaus begruenung ruhezone

Quiet zone in the bank

Bankhaus raumbegruenung litauen

Greened interior of the bankning house in Lithuania


Ficus nitida tree in the lobby.

Plants and natural trees in the financial institute and insurance company.

Green in the bank crates a sense of well-being

Reduce sound a little

Creates a natural ambience in the reception an hall area

Baum Bankhaus Pflanzen Innenraum kaufen

Modern plants and pots can also be used as room dividers - we help plan the furnishing

Pflanzen Raumteiler Versicherungshaus Muenchen kaufen

Here room dividers in the open-plan office of an insurance company - ambience, privacy, soundproofing and a sense of wellbeing

The banking house

More and more banks that not only want to be a service center, but also want to create a pleasant atmosphere for their customers, ask us what is possible.

Here are examples of green spaces from banks, financial institutions and insurance companies.

Not only feeling good, but also soundproofing and creating privacy spaces plants is the order of the day

Green and nature in the banking houses show more personality.

The plants and trees ensure a relaxed indoor climate, especially when it comes to topics of insurance and finances.

Tree in the room.

Ask us!

Bank Gastronomie Zuerich raumpflanzen botanic international
Naturbaum Bankhaus Pflanze Innenraum kaufen

Tree in the room of a bank with a natural round crown

Naturbaum Raumpflanze Bankhaus Innenraum kaufen

Tree in the room of a institiute with a high natural crown

bankhaus begruenung innenraum

Delivery and unloading of the large trees including planting

Pflanzen Raumteiler Buero grossraum sparkasse bankhaus

Plants as room dividers in the open-plan office

SEND us your plans and sketches and we will advise you exlusively on your project

Baum Raum Geldinstitut Pflanzen kaufen

Nitida tree with a strong trunk and a large round crown