Indoorlandscaping and Interior Planting

Often, we spend more than 90% of our time indoors. The air we inhale is sometimes five to ten times more polluted than the air outside.

Studies by Marius Ballieux, a representative of organic architecture supported by Waterdrinker Aalsmeer and Nieuwkoop Europe, show that plants filter large parts of the harmful FOV from the air.

This has a positive effect on the health and is the proof that plants (partially) can take over the function of ventilation systems!

For example, when designing schools, office buildings or hotels, expensive ventilation systems are often included.

It would be best if the use of plants were taken into account in the design of buildings and not afterwards, when the building is already finished.

Especially because plants as natural air purifiers can (partially) take over the role of the aeration systems mentioned above.

Not only is this a fantastic example of organic architecture, it also provides great savings.
Indoor greenery atrium, hall, office, private - inquire and buy online
Bucida buceras tree atrium buy online

Tropical trees in the interior

Plant and Planter - more

Examples as references

We dedicated ourselves to this topic separately - see also here !

Buy Araucaria cunningham bonsai Platinum planter Innsbruck Tyrol

Project Tyrol Austria

Plant and planter - Microcarpa Bonsai in Atrium Lucerne - Switzerland

Project Lucerne Switzerland

Buy bamboo tropical tropical greenery buy online

Project Germany

Plant available light

Halls planted with trees and plants need a very special attention regarding the plant light. Here, a perfect exposure of the plants by calculating the radiation angle, the light orientation in general and the removal of the plant light to the corresponding plant or tree is crucial for the correct, sustainable growth of the plants.

Bucida buceras tree in hospital - perfectly lit

Bucida tree in hospital - perfectly lit!

Flughafen Begruenung bucida baum edelstahl Pflanzgefaesse

Airport Terminal - trees lit with natural light

Natural light - Atrium - more

Or there is so much daylight due to overhead glazing in the atrium that no additional lighting is needed for the plants and trees in the room.

tropical bamboo in atrium buy online

Bamboo in Atrium - Germany

ficus nitida tree in university lyon france buy online

Nitida in Atrium - Universität Lyon - France

bucida buceras tropical tree in atrium buy online

Bucida buceras tree in Atrium -  Germany

Plants and interior greenery at the staircase

Plants in the stairwell are usually exposed to a lot of dust and road pollution, which you can automatically carry with the footwear into the crowns of the trees.

Here you should consider certain criteria in the selection of plants!
Palme trachicarpus treppenhaus hoch gross online kaufen

Trachycarpus wagnerianus - palm tree - in the staircase - Germany

Greenery on the stairs - Ficus microcarpa plant - buy online

Ficus microcarpa at the staircase

Greenery on the stairs - Ficus microcarpa plant - buy online

Ficus microcarpa on the stairs - Munich

big Tropical bamboo on the stairs - buy online

Tropical Bamboo on the stairs

Plants in the conference room

Plants in conference rooms must be both very decorative and very easy to care for.

Especially in conference rooms, the temperatures over the year and also the light are often changed by darkening over the weekend.

This requires very stable plant selection!
Ficus pandurata in the conference room buy online

Ficus pandurata in the conference room

Yucca Rostrata in the conference room buy online

Yucca Rostrata in the conference room


Fashion houses greening in Madrid - Spain

Plant in the fashion house and clothing store

Fashion house greening with plants in the clothing store is always a challenge, as the dry air of the textiles does not make any plant or tropical tree lastingly prosper.

Therefore, we develop solutions according to the air quality and the plant light!
                  bucida madrid espana comprar buy online botanic international
Phoenix palm trees and plants in the clothing fashion boutique store

Phoenix palm trees in the fashion store

Bucida buceras tree in the fashion house

Bucida buceras tree in the fashion house


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