Ficus microcarpa are available in bonsai form, but also naturally as a bush plant. This ficus species needs a lot of light at its location.

If there is not enough natural daylight for the plants, we recommend using artificial plant light. It's worth the effort to maintain these great ficus plants.

microcarpa bonsai atrium buy switzerland

Beautiful Ficus microcarpa in the atrium - patio


The Ficus microcarpa is great for the interior

We also deliver to Austria and Switzerland and other European countries

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Ficus microcarpa Bonsai staircase - Private

Ficus microcarpa Ficus microcarpa Bonsai staircase - Business

Ficus microcarpa Bonsai staircase - Business

microcarpa bonsai stuttgart buy

Ficus microcarpa Bonsai in the planter - Office



Microcarpa Bonsai in great planter

Ficus microcarpa in planter buy

Beautiful Ficus microcarpa in planter

Ficus microcarpa in planter from above

from above


A plant grows through space

great microcarpa tree online buy

Ficus microcarpa with stilt roots

on the ground ....

microcarpa bonsai




... and here on the first floor with beautiful clouds


This plant has a skylight

Ficus microcarpa side view on the upper floor

Ficus microcarpa side view on the upper floor



Planted in the planter or directly in a ground patch, the Ficus microcarpa grows

microcarpa bonsai In the planter - private

In the planter - private

Ficus microcarpa In the ground - business

In the ground - business


In the planter

The Ficus microcarpa is an attractive plant in growth and shape, he attracts attention.


At the right location, with sufficient light and good care, the microcarpa will give you a lot of pleasure.


The ficus does not tolerate waterlogging, a good drainage for the drainage of the water is necessary.


Constant drafts (blowers or permanently open doors) do not like the ficus.


Pay attention to these little things when buying these plants.


Whether in the private house or business the Ficus microcarpa always fits in any case.


Ficus  Microcarpa in office


Gigant Ficus microcarpa

Ficus microcarpa in a shallow planter


Ficus microcarpa bonsai in flat wood planter

Flat wood planter

It is amazing how these big plants manage with such a flat planter.

Because the Ficus microcarpa has a very small root ball, it does not need a very large planterl for optimal growth.

However, it must always be ensured that the plant has no waterlogging, so is not in the water. Because this does not like the Ficus microcarpa.

ficus microcarpa bonsai root ball

root ball

ficus microcarpa bonsai with wooden planter

wooden planter

ficus microcarpa bonsai  with flat root ball

flat root ball


Stilt roots and aerial roots

It is impressive how these plants rise up on their stilt roots.

Ficus microcarpa bonsai great growth

great growth

Ficus stilt roots

These are the stilt roots with a mega large Ficus of approx. 5-6 m height

Single pieces

It must be clear that these great plants are not mass-produced.


The ficus in this growth form, needs at least 30 years to get such a magnificent habit.


It should also be mentioned here that the lighting must be sufficiently available. Either enough daylight (light location) is given or artificial plant light installed by the specialist.


Planting such a magnificent plant in the right place in the container or directly into the ground makes everyone happy.

ficus microcarpa bonsai mega trees



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