Plants for Fashion-Store and Boutique

Fashion houses are subject to special consideration in greening

Interior greening in the fashion house like this example in Madrid

A tree indoor

Most of the time, dry indoor air prevails in the boutique.

Therefore, the low humidity in the selection of the plants must be considered.

Conversely, of course, a large plant or tree increases the indoor air of the clothing store positively.


Usually there is no suitable light for the plants available which requires a decent plant light for the trees and plants to provide.


Plan and buy plants for fashion house, boutique and clothing store online
Plants for a fashion house - Munich
Plants for a fashion house - Munich


Especially plants and palm trees can often develop an ambience and a special room feeling, matching the style of the fashion store.


More desire to buy under green plants and big palm trees!


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Palm trees for a boutique buy online

Palm trees for a boutique - Germany

Big Bucida buceras tree in the fashion house buy online 

Big Bucida buceras tree in a famous fashion house

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