Interior greening with tropical plants

We trade all kinds of plants that are currently available in Europe.

Almost all plant sizes from 2 to 12m are available

We deliver to curbside throughout Europe in Thermo truck

Tropical plants buy online

Buy tropical plants in all sizes online - throughout Europe

Bucida Buceras trees

Currently in high demand and very popular

from 350 cm to 900 cm possible

bucida buceras shady lady black olive buy

Bucida buceras Glasshouse - All sizes and shapes for your interior greening project

bucdia buceras trees gigant trees buy xxl

Bucida buceras trees xxl - buy online

Ficus trees

Ficus is available in many types and forms

Many different leaf types, leaf shapes and leaf sizes

Some ficus trees can grow up to over 10 meters

Other than Ficus-Hochstamm with magnificent spherical crowns.

Still others very natural with lots of aerial roots and stilt roots.

Just ask us for their desired trees and forms.

Ficus nitida high trunk buy online

Ficus nitida with beautiful round crown about 5meters

Ficus nitida with round head buy

Ficus nitida high trunk to 6meters

ficus nitida online buy

Buy Ficus nitida and Exotica 200-300 cm with beautiful trunks online

Different tree trunks

The trunks of the tropical trees can be smooth, naturally wound with aerial roots or bent in natural form.

Even the crowns can be different.

Crown natural or very compact or light or narrow or wide ... Tell us how you would like it!

Old Ficus trees buy online

Ficus tree with a super crown

Great Ficus nitida buy online

Ficus tree with natural trunk

Gigant Ficus nitida tree buy

Ficus tree with smooth stem

Ficus alii amstelking with round head buy

Also Ficus alii or Amstelking are possible as a high trunk

Ficus Amstelking and Alii

Ficus Amstelking and Alii

In different sizes and shapes

Different leaf crowns

Different ficus strains

Trunks bent or straight

Tribes sometimes multiple times

Trunks also surrounded with aerial roots

Ask us what you like

We select the most beautiful Ficus trees for you and offer them including delivery to curbside in Thermotraffic
Ficus Amstelking tree inennraum various sizes buy

Ficus Amstelking indoor plants

Tropical bamboo

Bamboo in many colors and variations

Sizes from 150 cm to 800 cm

Bambusa vulgaris, Bambusa ventricosa, Bambusa siamensis, Bambusa vitata, Bambusa chungii are most common

Tropical bambusa vulgaris buy

Bambusa vulgaris with beautiful, yellow bamboo stems

Bamboo Bambusa siamensis buy

Tropical Bambusa siamensis with more than 8 meters height

Palm trees up to 12meters

All tropical and subtropical palm species

The large specimens have been acclimated under glass for 1-2 years, so that they later grow well under glass

Gigant Washingtonia Livingstonia Palms buy online

Washingtonia and Livingstonia palm trees acclimatized to 12meters below

Tropical foliage plants also colorful as here this croton - Codiaeum variegatum

Available in all sizes and different colors.

Croton Codiaeum variegatum buy

Available in all sizes and different colors

Giant round cactus or columnar cactus

Gigantic cacti

Super easy care - pour 1-2x a year

Less care is not possible

Giant cereus XXL Pachycereus pringlei buy

Giant cereus XXL near Frankfurt am Main - Pachycereus pringlei

Ficus microcarpa - the Asian, bonsai-like plants from Indonesia

Available in many shapes, sizes and structures


Ficus Microcarpa bonsai buy

Ficus microcarpa available in different shapes, sizes and structure

Exceptional forms of tropical plants, mostly single pieces or especially obliquely or briefly pulled

Here are some examples, but we always recommend specifically requesting if unusual trees are desired.

Most of the unique pieces here are already sold.

Therefore inquire NEW.

Ficus with aerial roots

Mangrove-like trunk of a ficus tree with stilt roots and aerial roots

Ficus with stilt roots buy

...What wonderful stilt roots

ficus alli amstelking multi stem buy

Ficus tree planted half slanting overhanging

Ficus allii amstelking buy online



What's this?




Trees grown planted open up completely new possibilities of planting in the interior

Palm trees overhanging obliquely planted

More and more often, palm trees with curved trunk are desired.

But they are not common, so you have to choose them a little bit separately and pull them accordingly.

Cocos nucifera curved stem


SEND us your plans and sketches and we will gladly advise you on your project.

cocos nucifera bent trunk buy

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