Plants for Orangery & Glass house

The Orangerie is driven with a subtropical climate, which means that Mediterranean plants have found their new home here.


This glorious orangery in Victorian style should be stately landscaped indoors and outdoors.


Planted were a beautiful olive tree (Olea europaea), several large to 5 m high Strelitzia nicolai, beautiful orange tree trunks in cube tube Art Versailles, some palm trees such as Phoenix canarensis, Trachycarpus wagnerianus and fortunei, Euphorbia and much more ...
 Orange trees citrus sinensis planted in planter versailles buy online
Orangery greening with Mediterranean plants buy online

Orangery greening with Mediterranean plants - project in Bavaria

Ground Planting

If, early enough, you plan a planting hole of sufficient size and depth when building the orangery, you can plant beautiful trees and plants directly into the ground finally.

Example here a tree (Pandanus utilis) and an Olive tree (Olea europaea) planted directly in the ground of the orangery!
Pandanus utilis inside conservatory and orangery buy online

Pandanus utilis - tree in orangery

Olea europaea - Olive tree in orangery planting in ground - buy online

Olea europaea - Olive tree in orangery


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Who builds such beautiful orangeries!

You want to know who builds such beautiful orangeries and plans and executes the planting and greening together with us?

Ask us, we can arrange Orangeriebauer with best recommendations and best references.


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