Frost protection and frost protection cable for exotic plants outdoor / outdoor

Meanwhile, it has spoken around that special palm trees and also figs, olive trees and some other subtropical plants can be well planted in protected locations throughout Germany year round!

A big wintering aid is our antifreeze heat cable


Frost protection cable for plants on offer as follows:

- Super easy to lay or to wind up on the plant

- In root-sensitive plants such as olive trees and palm trees in the soil with insert

- Electric cable length up to 160 m possible !!

- Choose from the standard dimensions or

- Let us tailor to measure

- Ready-to-use heating circuit with integrated thermostat!
 - Against surcharge also with CH-plug possible

These anti-freeze cables automatically switch on below + 4 ° C, preventing frost damage to their palm trunks, roots or plant parts.

Precisely tailored to measure:

Example laying of frost protection cable in the ground at an olive tree room Karlsruhe

Ground-Soil-Protect Botanic international

Ground frost protection cable laid for roots at the olive tree

heating for plants buy

Olive tree outdoors at Karlsruhe with root frost protection

Also important is the classic wind protection against low windshill temperatures!

See here example Pinus Bonsai in Denmark

Temperatures in the middle of the wind and temperatures would be appropriate wind protection

Pinus parviflora bonsai denmark botanic international Without windbreak

Without windbreak

Pinus parviflora bonsai denmark botanic international windchill

Outside temperature with windbreak - Windchill temperature


And then of course cleverly pack up for the winter


With plants that you buy from us, we give them of course accurate tips on how to perfect the plants

pack for the winter and make sure it is frostproof.


Palm trees or leafy plants from the Mediterranean area

Just packing is not good

You have to pay attention to different tricks

Especially at different times in the deep Winter or in the beginning of spring


Most plants do not freeze directly in cold winter, but are packaged incorrectly and then frozen or rot at 0 ° C in spring.


Palms with windbreak buy


Frost protection cables which you can then use properly used with us

How much frost protection cable, how and where used, how many meters do you need, we will gladly inform you before ordering

Here you can also go for the first custom-made frost protection cable directly into the shop

More DATA and information about the frost protection cable - ask us

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