First montages help enormously to see which plant with which vessel fit together in their planted space.
Send us photos of your request for quotation, it is also possible to have a spatial CAD and we will develop the first free plant vascular photomontages for your requests

See some examples below - Image montage and result

photomontage atrium

Picture or photomontage of a green atrium near Munich / CAD

finished greening atrium  muenchen

Final result of the photomontage as finished greening of the atrium near Munich

As a photo we got an empty atrium and worked out 3 photomontages with 1 original end result


 Photomontage atrium with mexican yuccas rostrata

1. Photomontage atrium with mexican yuccas

Photomontage with Ficus pandurata

2. Photomontage with Ficus pandurata as solitary

Photomontage with Ficus microcarpa bonsai

3. Photomontage with Ficus microcarpa bonsai-like

Ready planting Ficus microcarpa

Result: planting after 3rd photomontage with F. microcarpa

Planning and goal - plant room divider in the bank

Aspidistra Photomontage

Aspidistra as a room divider Photomontage

Ready planting Aspidistra Fiberstone

Aspidistra as a room divider in the original

Photos for a photomontage are of course ideally suited if the building already stands

Here is a spa with a palm wish.

Palm trees should be so high that you can see underneath in the beautiful lakes landscape and alpine panorama

Photomontage and original planting

Photomontage veitchia palmen therme

Photomontage of tall Veitchia palm trees in Therme ....

planted Veitchia palm trees

.... planted Veitchia palm trees in original natura in the spa after first photomontage plans

A winter garden is also suitable for a pre-photo montage

Photographed here in the still under construction conservatory and planted by us virtually

Photomontage of greening

Photomontage of a greening in the conservatory.

A back wall should be narrow but long along a beautiful stone wall to be planted along.

With different plant heights, flowering plants and some climbing plants.

The Anthuria shown in the virtual montage, red-flowered, the climber Tetrastigma, the green slow-growing Rhapis and the beautiful, flowering Strelitzia were completely taken from the photomontage and in the original then planted!

Ready planting conservatory

Original planting conservatory - Dresden

Buy Plants

Construction photo of the customer


They send us their construction photo and we virtually plant the appropriate plants according to the technical knowledge of the tropical plants.


Tell us the expected spatial climate, we measure

the Lux and go.

Photomontage  with plants

Construction photo virtually greened

Send us your plans, sketches, CAD and / or photos right away and we will prepare the first, free photomontages for you and advise you on your project.