Old grapevines

Vitis vinifera with excellent fruits (grapes) grow almost everywhere

Vitis finivera buy majorca

Old vine with delicious grapes planted by us by the sea


grapevines Würzburg

... these beautiful high-stem vines line the path

Old grapevines online buy

... and also provide shade in summer


Beautiful high-stemmed grapevine with a rustic trunk

Even at altitudes of over 500 m above sea level. 15 years ago we have planted grapevines on the house of a protected south side.


One should be careful that they do not get icy winds in the winter, because then it could take a long time until they get leaves in the summer or no longer grow.


But it is rather rare. Most of the time you can enjoy the great, grapes that taste great and appear numerous!


Such a vine in your own garden makes something and if you can harvest then still ...

great grapevines


grapevines in a planter buy

Old grape vine with high-stem

Beautiful grapevines buy

... this grapevine has a stocky trunk

vitis vinifera buy online shop

... mega high grapevine plants


many grape vines

Yesterday in the nursery ...

Vitis vinifera in a hotel

... and already in the pot today

buy Mediterranean grapevines Mallorca

These vines have it well, they are planted on the coast of Mallorca by us

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