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 Accurate planting of garden bonsai.

Here the example of a bonsai Pinus pentaphylla from a customer in Berlin.

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Pruning a diseased Ilex bonsai here !


Referece object of a Ilex bonsai ( in an atrium ) and a bonsai Pinus

      on the terrace ( Switzerland ) here !


            Glasatrium Schweiz  Ilex crenata kl


      Bying Ilex crenata Bonsai with original photo you find here !

 Bying Pinus Bonsai and Taxus Bonsai original photo you find here !

            Pinus pentaphylla Bonsai terrasse kl


 tamarinde indica Vorhalle


Tamarinde Indica tree

- Foyer -



 ginseng ficus microcarpa rezeption pflanze


Ficus Ginseng

- Reception -



   Shown here very nice (picture below), is the final photo of the newly planted Pinus bonsai in Berlin. 


  • Those pine bonsai are very durable and not nearly as vulnerable in terms of pests and diseases such as Ilex Bonsai. Thus

  • beginners and bonsai enthusiasts are not risking too much their money with a pine bonsai.
    This also applies to the following, shown yew 

  • ( Taxus-bonsai - picture below )

  • Taxus-Yews are also very easy to maintain and stable.

    Sure they are cost-intensive. But that's because the bonsai yew trees in this size much less than, say, Ilex crenata bonsai and therefore also have an appropriate age.

    This garden bonsai was planted in a specially by us manufactured orangery pot.
    The dimensions are 150 cm x 140 cm.
    A special application made of perforated steel and mounted on three legs directly under the plant is designed to avoid a break through of the nearly 2-ton plant!



Pinus-Bonsai Berlin


  • Planting a garden bonsai on the basis of images

  • First, of course, there is a professional delivery!
    This ensures that the plant gets no damage.
    Not always easy to catch, especially if the bonsai form is particularly aesthetically and fancy. The mere storage in the van must be made absolutely spotless. It should also be noted the plants are so loaded that they can be unloaded at the receiving at its best. What´s the benefit at our plant locations with the best tools for loading, for example, a plant with extra-long special fork to load, if at the unloading point is no device available that has similar technical requirements. !
    Here, for example, a special van used to deliver that allows the plant has yet to put on the tail platform of the truck. This is only possible because the roof and the rear cross brace can be removed completely ...
    Next, of course, the participating truck drivers must also have his vehicle under control properly. To drive a plant with a weight of over 2 tons and a unique shape through a needle's eye of a driveway is not a task for everyone.
    For a plant with a value of approximately € 20 thousand a not unimportant aspect .. Once broken, it is already done!


        pinus bonsai transport entladung botanic-international           pinus bonsai entladen botanic-international

  • Especially at a Pinus bonsai, but also for most other garden bonsai, a reliable water drain is a must!
    The fastest way to get even those old specimen dead is with eternal wet feet!
    Not only stagnant water, but a continuous soil moisture is enough to make the bonsai's life more difficult.
    So it is advisable to mix in sand into soil and directly under the plant enough prepared loose soil.
    A high mineral content in the feeding ground is ideal. This soil mineral is not degrading, leaving little to fungal attack and the plant is not deepening over time. Because little or no organic material is available to the plant, that would provide nutrient intake (at least initially), it is necessary to fertilize the plant. In fafour we take the approved and tested Oscorna products. The planting hole should have about 1 - 1.5 of the size.

  • TIP
    Major poison now would be to cover with bark mulch !
    This bark mulch is extra fungal supporting over time and can quickly damage the plants. The fungal spores develop very rapidly until the plant dies off.
    Also, the developing acidity (low pH) damages most plants very much. Moreover, this applies to many other garden plants.
    The nonsense of dealing with the bark mulch is just taking on grotesque forms - only a few plants tolerate the ever decreasing pH value well (such as rhododendrons, heather, etc.).

gartenbonsai pinus pflanzen Botanic-International       

Pine garden bonsai

Bonsai Bodenloch       


Pinus bottom hole neatly wider in diameter, fertilized with Oscorna.


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