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a true splendor, how they bloom so beautifully

bougainvillea violett

Very beautiful old Bougainvillea plants


Laurel laurus nobilis

The real Mediterranean kitchen laurel

Its aromatic leaves are highly valued in the kitchen

It gives the real laurel in different sizes and shapes

Laurel laurus nobilis buy



Lemon tree / Citrus lemon / Orange tree

The citrus plants, lemon plants, are available in different varieties with different fruits.

Their flowers exude a beguiling scent.

The fruits are from bitter to sweet with a powerful aroma

We have selected the most flowering varieties for visual enjoyment.

Citrus lemon buy online

Gorgeous lemon tree with golden fruits


Olive tree - Olea europaea

The Olea europaea is one of the olive trees and is also known as olive tree

The olive tree is a very robust plant.

In the trade it is available in different sizes, ages and forms. Here are some examples.

Giant old Olive trees buy

... old gnarled trunk  - beautiful -


Vitis vinifera - grapevines

Vitis vinifera with excellent fruits (grapes) grow almost everywhere

The grapevine carries white or red fruits

The milder the climate the better for the grapevine

Vitis finivera kaufen Weinrebe

if you see this picture, you want to reap immediately


Ficus carica - real fig tree

The fig tree is a summer plant that prefers very sunny locations.

It also thrives behind glass and is thus well suited as a winter garden plant.

With good care and proper location, you can reap and enjoy the fruits

real fig tree buy

These delicious fruits are ready for harvest in September


Dasylirion - grass tree

The Mexican grass tree is a summer plant that prefers very sunny locations.

It also thrives behind glass and is thus well suited as a winter garden plant.

It is therefore a rather subtropical plant which prefers very dry winters because otherwise it rots quickly.


dasylirion longissimum buy


Potted plants - potted plants

Most potted plants are thought to be of Mediterranean origin.

But far from it, because as the word implies, potted plants can be all the plants that simply thrive in the tub over the year without any problems.

The advantage of the non-Mediterranean potted plants is even that these potted plants together with the vessel over winter can stay outside.

#POT PLANTS # buy online

... here we see very big potted plants, but we also have smaller ones


Plants for Balearic Islands Mallorca Ibiza

Smaller standard plants are best bought on Mallorca itself

But if you want to buy and buy big, old and unusual plants and trees for Mallorca and Ibiza then you are in the right place!

Plants for Majorca Ibiza Balearic Islands buy

... pretty much every Mediterranean plant can be used here



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