Greenwall with natural plants

Vertical green walls in the interior

Create better humidity and better indoor climate

Sophisticated technology and great experience make a virtually maintenance-free green wall possible.


Plan, buy, install green walls


Small plant wall, Greenwall completely self-planted delivered!


As here the example Greenwall at the coffee bar ...
  Greenwall also for the small, private area - plan and buy
Large rooms with green wall - Greenwall buy online

Large rooms with green wall - Greenwall!

Greenwall - plant wall buy online

Greenwall - plant wall

Greenwall at the company headquarters

Greenwall at the company headquarters

plant wall greenwall interior design planning build building


Greenwall Modern, healthy - just beautiful

Modern, healthy - just beautiful

Greenwall as a herb wall

Vertically greened herb walls in the interior with organic herbs to harvest for the cook and to feel and taste for the guest.

Here you can plant many well-known types of herbs such as lavender, rosemary, thyme, Achorus species, various types of mint, parsley, balsamic and many other kitchen herbs.

However, this plant selection for the Greenwall as herbal wall requires a lot of light and care as a basic requirement.

Because these herbs always need a green hand which also knows when a cut is good, whether a little rest period would be good or even a pest arises.

Irrigation in a fully watering automatic version is done by the computer including the fertilizer units.
The herb wall for the cook and guest buy online

The herb wall for the cook and guest

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