Interior greening with tropical bamboo

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Various tropical bamboo species

The different bamboo species differ in color and growth habit.

Bambusa siamensis about 7 meters high buy

Bambusa siamensis grew wonderfully about 7 meters high, it gives the impression he wants to grow through the ceiling

Bambusa vitata about 6 meters high buy

Bambusa vitata about 6 meters high

The bamboo fascinates above all the growth and the color of its trunks.

Depending on the type, these are different.

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strong green bamboo stems

Bambusa stems

just as the light comes in, these beautiful bamboo trees show their green color

bambusa chungii 6 meters high buy

Bambusa chungii still in the pot ...

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.... and planted


A nice combination!


You can plant different varieties together in a large planter and you get the impression of a jungle

Bambusa ventricosa online buy

...Bambusa ventricosa

and off to the jungle



The bamboo is an idiosyncratic contemporary of the great changes in its environment not so tolerated


The room temperature and humidity should remain constant


The tropical bamboo wants stable temperatures of 20 ° C


Should he give up, the leaf green grows again after about 14 days


He is a good drinker, so always nice to keep wet otherwise he takes the evil



bambusa siamensis bamboo tropical buy

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Bamboo under glass acclimated from 2 to 8 m height!

Bambusa siamensis bamboo buy

Plant large tropical bamboo plants in a room

bambusa siamensis online buy

Bambusa siamensis Bamboo tropical to 8meters

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Bambusa ventricosa to 8 meters

Bambusa siamensis  to 8 meters high

bambusa chungii online buy

Bambusa ventricosa to 5 meters high

Further examples Interior greening with tropical bamboos

tropical bamboo indoor buy

Tropical Bamboo


Even well acclimated bamboos like to let off completely, before they expire after about 2 weeks in-house, stable leaves in the new object!

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Bambusa chungii bis 5m


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