Carpinus betulus is also known as hornbeam

and belongs to the birch family

Carpinus betulus cylinder buy

beautiful one like the other hornbeam - cylinder

Carpinus betulus buy online

these beautiful hornbeams line the way ...

Carpinus Betulus hornbeam

... and just waiting to be dug out


Carpinus betulus Topiary

... beautiful old Carpinus cones

Carpinus betulus Topiary

... trimmed in great shape

Great hornbeam tree buy

... and here a Carpinus high trunk



Carpinus betulus Dome buy

beautiful autumn leaves in the Carpinus betulus

Carpinus betulus hornbeam with gnarled trunk

old beautiful hornbeam with a gnarled trunk

Carpinus betulus are very soil-tolerant plants, but they do not like waterlogging.


The hornbeam is very frost hardy and windproof.


Carpinus cut well and are therefore very cut tolerant.


Hornbeams are beautiful solitary trees and as group grove for garden and parks, as hedges and wind protection planting super geeinget.

Carpinus betulus great hornbeams buy


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The beech Fagus sylvatica is a beech plant

and belongs to the bee family

Fagus sylvatica Atropurpurea buy

... here with green summer leaves these beech trees have strong trunks

Fagus sylvaticus buy

.... autumn is coming and the leaves of the fagus sylvaticus are beginning to change color

The foliage of the beech Fagus sylvaticus sprouts in spring in a light tender green. In summer it gets dark green. When autumn arrives, the beech tree lives up to its name.

Now the foliage turns from a warm shade of yellow to orange-red to strong brown-red.

The European beech is also suitable for hedge planting. However, trimmed into beautiful shapes over the years, they are great specimen plants.

Fagus sylvatica Trees buy


Large Fagus sylvatica with beautiful bright early summer foliage leaves


These are red-beech with a flat head

Fagus sylvatica Topiary

... this red beech with winter leaves has an original shape cut

Fagus sylvatica Topiary


... it's summer and the foliage of this red beech has changed into beautiful deep dark green foliage


The European beech is suitable for molding cuts


SEND us your plans and sketches and we will advise you immediately on your project.