True fig tree - Ficus carica


Ficus carica real fig tree

The fig tree is a summer plant that prefers very sunny locations. It also thrives behind glass and is thus well suited as a winter garden plant.

Ficus carica with fruits

... and harvest in September


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... great fig tree with strong trunks

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this ficus tree with multi-trunks


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There are also gentler guys

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... or those medium-grown trees

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... and then very big guys



The real fig tree

The Ficus carica is the real fig tree with fruits that are edible.


As a winter garden plant, the Ficus carica is very well suited. However, in winter, a strong lowering of the temperature is recommended if it is to fruit again in the summer.


The fig tree is also excellent as a pot plant, but can also be planted in many protected areas in the garden - if in doubt, they ask us.


It is therefore a Mediterranean plant growing in the Mediterranean.

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