The big Acer plant                                                                                     

The Maple - Acer is botanically correct

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The sun makes this orange-red foliage shine beautifully

beautiful Acer palmatum 'Akagi Shiguri'

beautiful Acer palmatum 'Akagi Shiguri'

Great Acer palmatum seyriu buy

large Acer palmatum 'Seiryu'

Red Acer Dissectum online buy

this red Acer Dissectum with many leafy

Acer palmatum dissectum solitaer



 ... beautiful Acer Dissectum


This maple species has beautiful slotted leaves

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Acer Dissectum with a beautiful curved trunk

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... straight growth form with nice head

Acer Buy Japanese maple


Maple is very suitable as a vascular plant


Of course, the pot must be the right size

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... with a very well bent head

The Maple 'Acer' is available in different varieties, these differ in growth forms and sizes.


His leaves make him so interesting. The Acer palmatum has leaves that are fan-shaped. In Acer dissectum they are slotted.


The leaf coloring is also very nice, especially in autumn. You get the impression they shine. For this the Acer atropurpureum is known.


In autumn, the maple also drops its winged fruit (split fruit), these float like little helicopters through the air to the ground.


The maple is an absolutely hardy plant.





Acer palmatum Atropurpureum buy Maple

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The Acer can be planted all year round, no matter what the season. The majority of our plants are planted in the container.

The red and green maple species are native to native cultures or imported directly from Asia. It is still an absolute eye-catcher!

Gladly used in Japanese garden design, but also on ponds and modern design houses as an specimen plant!

The Acer is an asset to any garden.