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Cactus columnar - Pachycereus pringlei

Cactus columnar Pachycereus pringlei buy

Gorgeous Pachycereus pringlei

These spiky fellows are very easy to care for, 2-3 times a year is completely sufficient.

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Ground planting in plant bed...


with succulents green and blue leaves

Agave macrocantha

Echinocactus grusonii

Ferrocactus stainesii
Great pachycereus pringlei planting in hessen

Pachycereus pringlei Cactus columnar

cactus pachycereus hessen atrium buy


... also from above a nice view


Arizona landscape in a confined space ...


... and so easy care !!!

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This sight makes the heart of every cactus lover beat faster

Column cactus for the modern living space

Due to its straightforward growth, the Pachycereus pringelei is perfectly suited to the modern living environment.


Only the cactus and the plant substrate


No lush underplanting


Nothing is distracting here


That's all it takes

Gigant Texas Cactusbuy Brenner Innsbruck Alpen Austria

Big or small cacti and succulents

pachycereus pringlei buy

Nice cacti with different diameters

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over 2 meters High

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Various types of cactuses

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Old Echinocactus grusonii

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Many Echinocactus grusonii

euphorbia ingens multistem buy

Euphorbia ingens

SEND us your plans and sketches and we will advise you immediately on your project.

berlin cacti and succulents

Cactuses and succulents in a restaurant

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