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Attention Copy Right !!
All pictures and photos are legally represented by several parties at the same time

Commercial companies
and of course Botanic International

Copyright infringement by copying, publishing or copying
or otherwise use the images will be prosecuted under both criminal and civil law!
Attention photographers!

Even if the contract is made by private, commercial or public property owners to create photos of the green space or plants, Botanic-International also has the right of use, if photos are published accordingly or not (for example Fotoportal Photographer). This is especially true of green areas in the interior which are not visible from the outside and are visible only when entering property.

Plants and vascular compositions, in particular interior greenery in the form of green landscapes (Indoorlandcsaping) continue to be considered a spiritual good of the greeners and manufacturers. (Similar to a work of art)

This is especially true when the motif of the images clearly visualizes the plant or plant and placed in the center of the photo.


Photo discounts, which are offered to the customer on behalf and which are included in the final invoice in favor of the client, allow the free publication of Botanic-International for their purposes (such as presentation on the website, etc.)

If you are interested in certain photos, please feel free to contact us

In case of doubt, ask