Large palm trees for the interior and the garden

There are a large number of different types of palms which are divided into tropical and subtropical

Veitchia merrilii

Veitchia merrillii

The Veitchia is a tropical palm, it wants a permanently warm climate

Veitchia merrillii palms buy

Magnificent 4-stemmed specimen

Veitchia palms buy

Here, the guest can relax in peace


Lined by Veitchias with a view to the outside



Pals in a spa



Veitchia Pool palms buy

This beautiful Veitchia has 3 strains

veitchia merrillii with 2 stems
This great Veitchia has grown very nicely with 2 strains
areca palme in planter buy

Areca in polystone pot

Palmen Therme Pool online buy

Areca in Polystonegefäß


The Arecapalme is a beautiful palm for business or private


Her beautiful growth gives her an elegant look

luxembourg indoorgreening palms buy

Arecapalm in the restaurant

Rhapis Palme in Raumteiler

Rhapis for business


The Rhapis palm is also called Steckenpalme because of its growth



Rhapis Buschpalme im Gefaess

Palm in a cube planter

Rhapis excelsa kaufen

Rhapis planted directly in a soil bed


The Rhapis palm we also called because of their growth bush palm



Here is the shop

Coco - Palm Syagrus romanzoffiana - Queen Palm

Arecastrum coco palme mallorca ibiza balearen

Planting a huge coconut palm tree

Cocospalms over 8meters



Phoenix roebelenii dwarf date palm

Phoenix roebelenii zwergdattelpalme

Beautiful phoenix roebelenii 2 stocky

The dwarf date palm wants moist soil

phoenix roebelenii multistem buy

Multi-stemmed Phoenix roebelenii


 Dypsis lutescens - Areca


Super beautiful Dypsis lutescens


Tropical and Subtropical

There are palm species that tolerate well the tropical (warm-soaked) as well as the subtropical (temperature lowering) climate

Butia Palms

Butia palm muenchen buy


The Butia palm trees have beautiful finely feathered palm fronds, which hang down arc-shaped with the age of the plant


This look gives them a touch of South Seas character


The butia palm is also called jelly palm

butia palm buy online shop

Butia Palms with trunk


 Chinese hemp palm Trachycarpus

Gigant Palm trachicarpus

Great palm Trachycarpus wagnerianus



louxemburg Chinese hemp palm Trachycarpus front of the restaurant

Trachycarpus fortunei buy

... in the conservatory

Trachicarpus fortunei in glashouse Freiburg the Patio


 Cycas Palmen - Sagopalme - Japanese Palm Fern

Japanese Palm Fern

Beautiful Cycas revoluta in bowl planter


The Cycas, also called Japanese Palm Fern is a well-cared for plant.


These plants need a lot of light, so a bright location.

If there is not enough natural daylight for the plants, we recommend having artificial plant light installed by a specialist.


Waterlogging is to be avoided in any case, otherwise it could come to root rot.


Constant drafts (fans or permanently open doors) do not like the Cycas.


Cycas revoluta grow slowly, so it fits many years in the same planter.


Whether in business or private, these plants are an eye-catcher.

Cycas therme pool online kaufen


 Washingtonia Palms

Washingtonia palm 3meters mallorca buy

Washingtonia palm trees in the field (España)


Washingtonia palm mallorca balearen


Washingtonia wagnerianus Majorca Palm

planted in a garden in Mallorca


Always a great eye-catcher


So a palm tree with about 10 meters in height, is not to be overlooked and makes something.

Great washingtonia palms mallorca buy

cultivated in plant containers



Washingtonia palm trees are fan palms.


She is growing very well in the house. However, even in summer on the terrace or garden it is a beautiful sight.


It tolerates very good sun, but should not be placed immediately in the blazing sun when it comes from the winter quarters. Because otherwise she is like us humans and she gets a sunburn.


Waterlogging is to be avoided.


In the house, it needs a bright location. If no natural light is sufficiently available, an artificial plant light should be installed by the specialist.


Washingtonias are growing very high. This should be taken into account when choosing the location as it will increase in size in a few years and it might hit the ceiling.




Phoenix canarensis 8 - 9meters high

Phoenix canariensis incredible 8 - 9 meters in the sky !!!


Phoenix canarensis buy Mallorca

Just in the nursery ...

Gardening Majorca

... and now planted in a beautiful garden on the coast of Mallorca

Typical of the Phoenix canarensis is the thick trunk

Phoenix canarensis Berlin

Outdoor in Berlin



Phoenix dactylifera

Cultivated root ball for sale

Phoenix palme objektbegruenung

object greening

Gigant Phoenix dactylifera

10-11 meter high Phoenix dactylifera


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