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Buxwood balls buy

beautiful strong boxwood balls


Buxus sempervirens topiary

Buxus with a difference form

buxus sempervirens buy

... nice squares


This is so great on the boxwood, you can trim it in such beautiful shapes.


Even in the cold winter, when other trees lose their leaves, the boxwood is still beautifully green.


The Buxus sempervirens or rotundifolia, they are classics and fit into any garden.


In order to hold the Buxus in shape he regularly needs his shape cut or pruning.


This should be done twice a year.


Whether buxus or boxwood, the plant remains the same.



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Buxus sempervirens Rotundifolia Topiary


Boxwood buy

... boxwood ball with funny kink

Buxus sempervirens muenchen

... small boxwood balls in the cube

Buxus sempervirens Rotundifolia multi stem

... these are old box trees


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