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The bonsai for the garden or the bonsai in the garden.

This Japanese garden bonsai - available in all sizes.

Atrium Bern Schweiz Ilex Bonsai botanic international

Photo Incedi Atrium Bern / Switzerland

Ilex crenata Bonsai from us only with original images:

Bonsai plants are always very individual. Therefore, one can work with garden bonsai using only original photos.

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We have about 500 garden bonsai available. So we are sure to find one for you.

Please understand that we can only list a small number of different exemplars !

  As of spring 2012 up to date !

On this web page you can see the bottom of the original photos Ilex crenata

including the appropriate link to the shop!

But of course, also outdoor bonsais which are wonderful suitable as a solitary bonsai in the garden.

Some call this Ilex crenata Bonsai the starter bonsai !

That may be true because of its low price and ease of care. Nevertheless, one must note considerably things to cultivate these holly bonsai.

 Ilex crenata bonsai Gruppenbild botanic-international


See also the correct bonsai planting !

Pinus bonsai currently 2012 - here !


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 tamarinde indica Vorhalle


Tamarinde Indica als Baum gepflanzt im Foyer



 Veitchia palme kl


Veitchia merillii Palme im Wellnessbereich


All Ilex crenata original offers 2012, here shown again in better views, and in the shop (link) it is available.

Most bonsai plants have always 2-3 `faces`, depending on the viewing side!

Specified altitude without pot - measure!

Ilex crenata `Bonsai` - 160 cm - No. 32

  IMG 1219 ilex crenata bonsai Nr.32a   IMG 1220 Ilex crenata bonsai Nr.32b

Ilex crenata `Bonsai` - 180-190 cm - No. 34

  IMG 1223 ilex crenata bonsai Nr.34a   IMG 1225 ilex crenata bonsai Nr.34b

Ilex crenata `Bonsai` - 200 cm - No. 33a

IMG 1226 ilex crenata bonsai Nr.33a

Ilex crenata `Bonsai` - 160 cm - Image 22

Sold and delivered March 2012 to Düsseldorf

Ilex crenata bonsai 160 B22 02 7326

Ilex crenata `Bonsai` - 180 cm - No. 28

Sold to Wien / Vienna - April 2012

IMG 0970 ilex crenata bonsai Nr.28a

Ilex crenata `Bonsai` - 200 cm - No. 01

Ilex crenata bonsai 200 B01 02 7149


Ilex crenata `Bonsai` - 200 cm - No. 02

Ilex crenata bonsai 250 B02 02 7159

Ilex crenata `Bonsai` - 250 cm - No. 03

Ilex crenata bonsai 250 B03 03 7165

Ilex crenata `Bonsai` - 240 cm - No. 20b

IMG 0934 Ilex crenata bonsai Nr.B20


Ilex crenata group 1- again in panoramic view

Ilex crenata bonsai Gruppenbild 7175

Ilex crenata `Bonsai` - 400 cm - No.B23

IMG 0948 Ilex crenata bonsai Nr.B23

Ilex crenata `Bonsai` - 400 cm - No. 12

IMG 0953 Ilex crenata bonsai B24

Ilex crenata `Bonsai` - 210 cm - No. 27

IMG 0965 Ilex crenata bonsai Nr 27

Ilex crenata `Bonsai` - 400 cm - No. 14

Ilex crenata bonsai 400 B14 02 7126


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There are still another 500 Ilex crenata bonsai available

IMG 1206 Taxus cuspidata bonsai Nr.4b

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