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Ilex crenata bern


Buy bonsai garden can be seen here in the SHOP !


Top up-to-date SUPER "Olea europaea Horizontalis" ! 


Croton in seaside smoke gefaess

veitchia palm buy in palmshop

Veitchia merillii Palm

Starnberger See

Project 2016

Cork oak - quercus suber - indoor

Cork oak in building of administration

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Some projects of the month

Indoor greening August 2013 - Big Bucida buceras inside of a company - Germany

Bucida buceras - Height 5-6 m, 600 Kg


Indoor greening Jan-March 2013 - Big cactus inside of a company - Germany

Pachycereus pringlei - Height 3,5 m, 500 Kg

More info about big cacti


Greening Decembre 2012 - Washingtonia Palm - Bavaria

Indoor greening petticoat palm - stairway - Height 9 m

Washingtonia Palm on kran    Washingtonia palm petticoat palm in stairway

Bonsai planting Nov. 2012 - Denmark near Copenhagen

Pinus parviflora Bonsai - 2-3 m

Pinus parviflora denmark botanic-international

Pinus parviflora bonsai

Green Project of the Octobre 2012 - Czech Republic Prague

Bucida buceras with big leaf - tree 9 m

City Green Court Czech Republic

City Green Court plant

Prague Bucida Indoor greening

bucida buceras big leaf.jpg

Green Project of the Juli 2012 - France Paris

Pinus penthaphylla bonsai on the modern terrace in Paris - Ready situation following !

Buy new and current garden bonsai Pinus pentaphylla 2012

Bonsaï de jardin acheter - Paris, France

Pinus penthaphylla Bonsai Paris

Green Project of the Month July 2011 - Switzerland near Bern

Pinus penthaphylla bonsai on the modern terrace

Buy new and current garden bonsai Pinus pentaphylla 2012 - find here :

Pinus Bonsai terrasse kl

Ilex crenata Bonsai in modern atrium

To buy new and current garden bonsai Ilex crenata 2012 you - find here :

Glasatrium Schweiz  Ilex crenata kl

Green Project of the Month December 2010 - Germany

Project: Large commercial planting palm Trachcarpus Hanfpalme D - Würzburg:

9 m palm (Trachycarpus wagneanus) in the staircase / Würzburg

Chusan Palm, Windmill Palm chinese Windmill Palm

Trachycarpus fortunei - here in the shop :


Green Project of the Month April 2011 - Germany

Commercial planting of large trees near Leipzig indoor

More great photos and plan you see here !

View ficus microcarpa bonsai and buy it here in the shop

ficus microcarpa bonsai treppenhaus von oben

Green Project of the Month February 2011 - Germany

  Project: Old olive tree planted in D - Karlsruhe

500 year old olive tree, 3 tons, Incl. Winter protection ...

You can buy big and old olive trees with the original number exclusively here in the shop :

 Olivenbaum Olea deutschland karlsruhe pflanzen

Green Project of the Month February 2011 - Italy

  Gnarled olive tree in the estate / hotel Innerleiterhof Schenna - Merano

Smaller but gnarled olive trees for sale here in our shop :

Aclimate Olive tree first time after planting...

Hotel Innerleiterhof olivenbaum knorrig weingut

...Olive tree 1 year after planting !


 ...we make feeling with our plants !


Green Project of the Month March 2011 - Germany

5.5 m high-Bucida Buceras-solitaire tree in the University Hospital of Tübingen

Buy more Bucida Buceras "Black Olive" you find it here in the

Plant Shop :

Bucida buceras kaufen pflanzen treppenaufgang

Greening of the years 2011-2012 - Germany

Outdoor greening for a new horse stud -

More info Horse stud here

Planting in summer ?

Posible with our container plants !

Plants and trees planting during the summer up to 12m !

Buxus sempervirens horse stud

We have received the complete greening of the horse stud !

Green Project of the Month January 2012 - Germany

Plants and ready planted containers provided - all over Europe !

Select - delivering - deposit - that's it!

Plant-vessel combinations in the plant shop - look, choose and buy !


sanseveria in fiberglas kubis

Green Project of the Month Jan. 2011 - Germany

Project atrium roof to floor conference / Franken

Yucca rostrata, cacti and succulents - round outdoor

Outdoor systems with sub-tropical charaer in unusual especially situations

Ask us!

Atrium Konferenzraum geschlossen

Dachgarten subtropisch Atrium mediterrane pflanzen

Top up-to-date :

Pinus nigra, in the form  Pinus pinea (pine or pine Tuscany)

Absolutely winter hardy ! - (Unlike the real Pinus pinea)


Pinus sylestris toscanaartig doppelstamm hoch

Exclusive giant cacti up to 7 m !!

First pictures, sizes and impressions - here :

Watch and buy giant cacti - here :

Big cacti buy online


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